How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Knock Out Your Acne

There are many people that believe that apple cider vinegar is one of the healthiest things that a person can consume.  Millions of people have used Apple cider vinegar since the dawn of time to fight various ailments like constipation and fatigue.  But apple cider vinegar can also be used to fight skin conditions like dry skin and can as well.  And you probably have a bottle of apple cider vinegar sitting in your kitchen cabinet right now.  Don’t let it sit there; put it to work right now!

According to vinegar has long been used as a cleanser but most people never think to use it on their face.  That’s understandable because vinegar is very acidic. If not used properly, it can damage your skin instead of helping it.   Apple cider vinegar can be used to fight your acne from the outside as well as the inside.

To fight acne from the inside, try a small glass of apple cider vinegar and apple juice.  Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a half cup of apple juice and drink it down.  It won’t be easy the first time you do it but it will get easier over time.  The apple cider vinegar will help flush out the toxins in your bloodstream.  The fewer toxins you have in your system, the greater the chance you can avoid an acne breakout.

There are a few different ways to use apple cider vinegar on the outside of your body.  One way is to gently splash vinegar on your face.  Do this once in the morning and one at night.  The vinegar may burn a little but that is what you want.  That burn is working to remove the dust and dirt that is clogging the pores on the surface of the skin.  If you would prefer something a little stronger, you could make a paste with apple cider vinegar as the base ingredient.  Many people mix pastes of apple cider vinegar and salt or apple cider vinegar and turmeric.  Take the paste, apply it to the skin and let it sit 15 to 20 minutes.  Wash it off and pat your skin dry.  Your face will immediately feel and look different.

Apple cider vinegar is a cheap and all natural way to fight acne.  There just isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be using it.

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